Eaton 5PX: Best Single-Phase UPS for Retail Point-of Sale Systems

The Eaton 5PX is a stand-out product for the Eaton line. 5PX systems line up and compare similarly to the APC Smart-UPS (SU model) and Vertiv (formerly Liebert) GXT models. However, they offer some increased flexibility for management of load centers, connectivity, and overall use for retail store environments.

Eaton 5PX UPS

Benefits of the Eaton 5PX System

Extended Runtimes

From 1000VA to 3000VA, this newly developed product can extend runtimes up to 5 hours. It is also available with lithium ion battery solutions.

Intelligent Power Manager (IPM)

The Eaton 5PX model comes with Intelligent Power Manager (IPM), able to manage across multiple devices on your network from your single interface. You can set parameters for runtime, insert consumption limits which establish extended runtimes. The battery modules may be added now, or later for extended runtime additions and up to four (4) modules per UPS System.

Retail Point-of-Sale Systems Benefits

The detailed management of load centers allows for next level off/on control and shut down management of non-critical servers. This can be of particular benefit to retail Point-of-Sale systems. In a store, retail environments may have critical and non-critical loads associated with UPS systems. The flexible nature of the Eaton 5PX and the option to extend battery allows managers to focus on the customer check-out location as its own retail center. If the store can remain open, why wouldn’t you continue the retail purchasing process and avoid dollars lost?

A retail or chain store location may incorporate a backup generator or separate battery system for Life-Safety requirements. It is hard to manage long-term runtimes at cash registers, point of sale, and other distributed parts of the store when you try to integrate all the systems together. Additionally, you may end up oversizing the overall store power systems to accommodate the check out lines.

Now more than ever, power outages and interruptions are affecting retail store environments. Locating extended battery systems at the Point-of-Sale locations offers surety that your check-out system will remain up and running for costly minutes and hours of operation.  

FGC Equipment: Eaton 5PX Systems

The Eaton 5PX UPS comes with on-board receptacles for easy connection and installation at the store locations. Choose from 15 Amp, 20 Amp, and 30 Amp output receptacles for your store register equipment.

Connect and manage all your stores with Eaton’s 5PX UPS System. For all lithium ion battery UPS solutions, you must check with the supplier that they are UL listed and tested. Contact us today to get started! Call (844) 501-1887,