How do I prepare to install my UPS system?
Our team can help!

Items you will need prior to installation by your preferred electrical provider are items such as proper input breaker and wire sizing, space planning, and rigging into your facility as well as possible environmental requirements like HVAC loads. Please consult our team to help you with all these planning items.

ups installation services

UPS Installation Services and Sizing Checklist

  • Load Assessment / UPS Sizing
  • UPS Voltage / Amperage
  • Future Load Growth
  • UPS Battery Runtime Requirement
  • Batter options review: Lithium Ion vs. VRLA
  • UPS Redundancy Requirements
  • Site Electrical Capacity
  • Location Dimensions and Floor Load
  • Delivery and Rigging
  • UPS Power Distribution to Loads
    (PDU or Electrical Panel Distribution)
  • (MOP) Method of Procedure for Installation
  • (MOP) Method of Procedure for
    Cutover of Loads
  • Advisory of Installing Electrician
  • Cooperation of Startup and Install Event
  • UPS Startup
  • Operations Training / Software Setup
  • Ongoing Maintenance Contract
  • Emergency Service Contact

PLAN | Expert Review & Recommendations

Members of our team are available to assist in the UPS system selection process. You may provide a list of equipment to us. You may need a walk through with a Electrical contact either provided by us or your own. We will assist every step of the way. UPS sizing review, UPS voltage selection, UPS Battery Runtime options are all important variables in the selection process. Proper documentation of UPS System manuals and technical information are an integral part of the process so that the installation technician or contractor can properly plan and estimate the project.

RUNTIME | UPS System Battery Options

A common misconception is that the battery runtime is associated with the size of the UPS System. The runtime of a UPS system is directly correlated to the size of the battery system designed to the UPS system. Our team will assist in designing the proper battery system to your runtime requirements. We will discuss UPS battery redundancy as well as length of time to support your loads at the desired load level. VRLA and Lithium-Ion Battery options available. Lithium Ion customized battery systems sized per requirement.

UPS Turn-Key Installation Options

Should you wish to outsource your project as a turn-key process. Our team can manage the entire installation of the UPS System to startup. Our team can work with your internal teams or approved electricians. We also may provide our own preferred contractors to estimate the installation. Our team will estimate the rigging, electrical, site restrictions and all the variables around putting the properly sized system into your facility. This proposal will include everything to UPS Startup.

Worry-Free Monitoring

Once your new UPS system is up and running our team will provide options for ongoing monitoring and maintenance service. A proper monitoring platform that will provide notifications of issues with your UPS and Battery System is the best prevention of downtime situations. A smart mix of ongoing maintenance and monitoring will provide the best operation of your UPS system for years to come!