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Eaton Emergency Lighting UL 924 UPS

Appropriate and effective emergency lighting systems are vital to facilitate occupant egress during an emergency, such as a building fire or other dangerous situation. In addition to prioritizing safety, proper emergency lighting is required by building codes such as NFPA 101, the Life Safety Code. Trust Eaton’s emergency lighting UPSs (10-200 kVA) to keep your occupants safe and your commercial structures up to code. Our emergency lighting UPSs are UL 924 tested and certified, providing the industry’s highest capacity and smallest footprint options for emergency lighting applications.








Features & Benefits

  • Includes Eaton 93PM (emergency and auxiliary), 9155, 9355 UPSs
  • UL 924 tested and certified to meet NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code) and other building codes Includes Eaton 93PM (emergency and auxiliary), 9155, 9355 UPSs
  • Reduces regulatory compliance concerns

Runtime Solutions

In the event of an outage, two options exist to continue providing power to the UPS load: lithium-ion batteries and a flywheel system. While more expensive than lithium-ion batteries, flywheel systems offer many benefits, including:

  • limited required maintenance
  • 20-year design life
  • the ability to operate in high temperature environments
  • and 90% reduced carbon footprint when compared to batteries

Be sure to talk to our team about which solution fits your needs most appropriately.

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    Product Snapshot
    Power Rating5.7-200 kVA
    Voltage208 V, 240 V, 277 V 480 V
    Product SeriesPowerware