• Eaton 9355 UPS
  • Eaton 9355 UPS

Eaton 9355 UPS

Formerly Powerware 9355 UPS

Combining Scalability and Space Efficiency

When it comes to mid-size, three-phase uninterruptible power systems (UPS), the Eaton 9355 offers the best possible combination of flexibility, scalability, and power density wrapped into one highly innovative and efficient package.

Delivering unrivaled performance and reliability, this UPS is the perfect power solution for corporate and industrial applications – including telecom, healthcare, banking, retail, small data centers, and more.

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    The Eaton 9355 UPS provides premium double-conversion backup power and scalable battery runtimes for IT and electrical engineering infrastructure in corporate, healthcare, banking and industrial applications. Packing maximum battery runtime into a very small footprint, the 9355 UPS is a complete three-phase power protection solution. The 9355 can be equipped with an integrated, customizable power distribution module that includes a maintenance bypass switch.

    Features & Benefits

    Sleek, Efficient Design

    The 9355 offers the smallest footprint of any comparable UPS, with standard internal batteries, often eliminating the need for costly, space-consuming external battery cabinets. The 9355’s design doesn’t just look pretty, providing more real power in less space with a high 0.9 output power factor. In fact, this particular UPS offers industry-leading power density with up to a 75 percent smaller footprint and 13 percent more power capacity than comparable UPSs.

    See the data tables below to view available configurations.

    On-Board Power Distribution

    Give your data center managers more flexibility with the 9355’s on-board power distribution module. Able to be configured for hardwired output or with a variety of output receptacles, they’ll be able to preserve valuable rack space and installation expenses.


    Are you growing quickly? Up to FOUR 9355 UPSs can be paralleled to ensure your facility’s capacity is able to grow right along with you. Models can also be upgraded with additional capacity at your discretion. Moreover, Eaton’s built in Hot Sync® technology enables wireless paralleling, adding redundancy in case of communication failure to keep you as protected as possible.

    Increased Intelligence For Premium Power Protection

    The 9355 continually monitors incoming electrical power, working with a building’s existing electrical system to supply clean, consistent power, and avoid incoming electrical anomalies. Constantly monitoring its own operation, correcting any problems on the fly, or sending an alarm to act, the 9355 keeps you protected from the majority of issues common with commercial utilities. Advanced battery management is also designed to maximize battery health and service life.  

    Regardless of your chosen configuration, you can expect the 9355 to deliver improved runtimes and significantly reduced footprints over any other competitor.

    Runtime Solutions

    In the event of an outage, two options exist to continue providing power to the UPS load: lithium-ion batteries and a flywheel system. While more expensive than lithium-ion batteries, flywheel systems offer many benefits, including:

    • limited required maintenance
    • 20-year design life
    • the ability to operate in high temperature environments
    • and 90% reduced carbon footprint when compared to batteries

    Be sure to talk to our team about which solution fits your needs most appropriately.

    Product Snapshot
    Power Rating10-30 kVA
    Voltage 208/220/400/480/600 Vac three-phase
    Product SeriesPowerware

    Technical Specs


    Power Rating20 kVA/18 kW and 30 kVA/27 kW at 0.9 power factor
    DiagnosticsFull system self-test at startup
    UPS BypassAutomatic on overload or UPS failure
    Parallel for RedundancyYes, using Powerware Hot Sync technology for redundancy and capacity
    Dimensions and Weights See model selection table
    Overload150% for 5 sec / 125% for 1 min (online), 110% for 10 min

    Electrical Input:

    Nominal Input Voltage208V/120V, 220V/127V +10, -15%
    480V/277V, 600V (480+600 with transformer)
    400V models also available
    Operating Frequency 50/60 Hz (45 to 65Hz)
    Input Power Factor 0.99 typical
    Input Current Distortion <5% THD

    Electrical Output:

    Nominal Output Voltage 208/120, 220/120 Vac
    480/227 with output transformer
    Output Voltage Regulation ±1% static; ±4% dynamic with 100% step load recovery within 1 ms response time
    Efficiency 91% typical
    Heat Dissipation (BTU/hr)20 kVA models
    6,762 @ 208V and 220V input
    10,450 @ 480V and 600V (with input isolation transformer)
    30 kVA models:
    9,220 @ 208V and 220V input
    13,831 @ 480V and 600V (with input isolation transformer)


    Battery Type 9 Ah, sealed, lead-acid, maintenance-free
    Battery Runtime See Battery Backup Time Chart
    Battery Replacement Field-replaceable
    Charger Default is 8A
    Parallel for Redundancy Yes, using Powerware Hot Sync technology and capacity


    LCD Display Graphical LCD with blue backlight
    LEDs(4) LEDs for notice and alarm
    Audible alarms Yes
    Communication Ports(1) RS-232, (1) relay contact, (1) REPO,
    (2) environmental input
    Communication Slot(2) X-Slot communication bays
    Power Management SoftwareBundled Software Suite CD


    Operating Temperature50–104ºF (10–40ºC), 45ºC with 7.5% derating;
    Optimal battery performance: 77ºF (25ºC)
    Storage Temperature32–77ºF (0–25ºC); Recommended battery storage: 59–77ºF (15–25ºC)
    Relative Humidity0–95%, non-condensing
    Audible Noise< 58 dBA at 1 meter depending on load


    Safety CertificationsIEC 62040-1-1, IEC 60950, EN 62040-1-1, UL 1778, NOM-0190SCP8-1993
    EMC ComplianceEN 50091-2 Class A
    QualityISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001:1996
    MarkingsUL, cUL, NOM-NYCE

    1. Due to continuous product improvements, program specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Eaton 9355 UPS BrochureEaton-9355-UPS-Brochure.pdf
    Eaton 9355 UPS User Guide: 20-30kVAEaton-9355-UPS-20-30kVA-User-Guide-2.pdf
    Eaton 9355 UPS User Guide: 10-15kVAEaton-9355-UPS-10-15kVA-User-Guide-2.pdf