When To Use the Eaton 93E UPS

The Eaton 93E Lithium-Ion UPS is built as a traditional single module UPS system. However, it has many advanced capabilities for today’s high demand uptime environments.   Configured as a 20kVA< 30kVA, 40kVA or 60kVA, the standard unit runs internal at 208v/240 3phase. There are options cabinets to arrive 480v power to the unit. It is highly efficient, up to 7 percent more efficient than competitor UPS systems.

Industries Using Traditional 93E UPS System

Medical imagery equipment & CAT scan equipment seek single module, non-complicated UPS installations for solid results in a limited footprint.

Telecom switches located in closets or remote locations require a more efficient and simple UPS system.

Banking locations, oil and gas, and bitcoin mining applications all require solid voltage regulation and a direct source of clean power.  

Modular UPS vs. Traditional UPS

Modular type UPS systems can sometimes provide enhanced user requirements and less efficiency. For customers seeking a solid traditional critical power UPS system that is hardwire in and hardwire out, this is the unit choice for you in the mid-range sizes.

Redundant Applications of the 93E

Just because the Eaton 93E is a single module doesn’t mean it cannot be paralleled. An accessory cabinet is available to add a second UPS system into a parallel redundant configuration. The traditional method of parallel operations for a UPS system is a two-system output into a tie cabinet. This is exactly what the 93E provides.

Available Options

As mentioned, the voltage is flexible with integrated transformer cabinets. Power distribution on a sidecar is an option for the 93E (Right or left mount). Maintenance bypass with 36 pole distribution panel integrated. Remote management and extended battery runtime cabinets available.

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