Eaton BladeUPS vs. Vertiv EXM

Today’s smaller computer rooms with fluctuating loads or growing load environments often do not need large capacity UPS systems right away. The BladeUPS system from Eaton provides this low up-front cost and flexibility. The 12kW UPS and battery modules provide a stackable solution that saves space and money. In the content below, we will compare the BladeUPS power systems to the less flexible EXM model by Vertiv.

Benefits of the Eaton BladeUPS

Eaton BladeUPS Power System

The BladeUPS is extraordinarily flexible. Standard 42U enclosure provides an easy in-rack row solution for small computer room UPS Power Requirements. This system is easy to install, configure, and deploy. IT personnel can simply add 12kW modules into the existing parallel bar in the rear of the cabinet. The system’s intelligence immediately recognizes the new module and fully configures itself for parallel operations. Additionally, one can add increments of 12kW for 24kW, 36kW, 48kW, and 60kW N+1 capacities.

The BladeUPS is highly efficient. 98% above 65% load, and 94% efficient at 20% load. Since you add modules as your load requires it, the heat impact on your room AC is minimal and grows with the loads.

The BladeUPS saves space. This system provides the smallest footprint of any UPS system in its size range of 12kW-60kW, because there is no need for external bypass distribution cabinets and external battery cabinets.

Eaton BladeUPS Power System

For dual-corded loads on a single UPS system, you can add a BladeUPS to the rack locally and provide the B leg of power, providing dual corded A + B power loads to those specific servers.

The BladeUPS reduces MTTR. Replacing batteries or electronics modules can be done in minutes without interrupting power to IT equipment. This hot-swap capability helps reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), dramatically improving the availability of all protected IT equipment.

The 93PM is also a modular architecture from Eaton. However, the 93PM requires a technician to install and perform module upgrades. It is not a consumer hot-swappable option like the BladeUPS is.

The Vertiv EXM

The Vertiv EXM modular UPS is much the same. The scalability and modules must be added and synced together by a factory technician. The smaller 208v model scales 10kW, 15kW, 20kW, 30kW, and 40kW. The larger model resumes at 60kW through 200kW.

Eaton BladeUPS Power Systems

The Eaton BladeUPS is truly the most flexible three-phase UPS in the mid sizes of 12kW through 60kW. This system puts the most capability and management into the consumer’s hands. To get in touch about the BladeUPS today, contact our product specialists at 844.501.1887 or via our online contact form!