Oh Ferrups, Where Are You? The New Eaton Ferrups UPS!

The old UPS Best Power Ferrups has not disappeared. It is now found in the new FX Series UPS from Eaton UPS Power Systems.

The important Ferrups ferroresonant technology – originally designed in the 1970’s and 80’s by Best Power Systems in Necedah, WI – has stayed tried and true for the better part of 40 years.

Where did Ferrups go?

Well, in today’s world of highly-efficient IGBT inverter systems and transformer-less UPS Systems, we left the ferroresonant transformer behind. Not only did we ignore it, but we didn’t re-design it for almost 40 years. Maybe, this is a tribute to its original toughness and ability to withstand harsh voltage and environments, protecting our giant 500MB PCs back in the day.

This Ferrups is still going after all these years.

Why is Ferrups reliable?

The hardy transformer-based UPS system, or ferroresonant transformer, inside the Ferrups UPS System provides the traditional transformer isolation we all seek in a true UPS system. Its Active Voltage Regulation is the pre-curser design for many large, industrial voltage regulation systems protecting plants, processes, and manufacturing today.

Ferrups can take harsh voltage on the input and isolate those loads. It can withstand the disruptive harmonics on the load side, produced by many facilities today. It has come around to be an important product in our computerized, process-controlled manufacturing environments. Yay to Ferrups!  

Why Ferrups now?

As we have converted to automation in all facets of the economy, the production process is now tied closer to the computer process, whereas those two technologies were bifurcated in the past.

We now need more than ever for the computer process to connect and manage physical processes. This is where the Eaton Ferrups UPS model, or new FX Series from Eaton, comes in. Smaller, transformer-based UPS systems are not widely available in the marketplace. On the contrary, due to customer and regulatory persuasion, new highly efficient, transformer-less designs of UPS systems have filled OEM product lines. These newer UPS systems provide up to 99% efficiency, all the SNMP, monitoring, and notification you need – just like a computer. However, they cannot match the bulletproof standby ferroresonant transformer that can protect and support harsh plant conditions, such as harmonics created by plant environments.

Has Ferrups changed?

Ferrups is the same as it used to be – it hasn’t changed since the Best Power Ferrups was introduced in the early 1980’s. The colors and shape are all the same. However, Ferrups is getting a makeover: the new FX Series Ferroresonant Transformer-based system, formerly known as “Ferrups.” In the 500VA to 18kVA single phase range, it is the premier option for protecting process manufacturing, PLC, or robotic-related loads.

Although the system may look a little different, you can be sure to hear the transformer “hum” as the system works just as hard as it always has.

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